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Typical avalanche problems - new icons!

Lawinenprobleme Icons
Icons der Lawinenprobleme

Dear Users,

the icons for the typical avalanche problems have been updated. The new, coloured icons have been created so you get an even quicker overview of the current avalanche problems. They are already in use for our daily avalanche bulletin.

Check it out!


LAWIS manuals

LAWIS Benutzeranleitung, links oben
LAWIS Benuteranleitung, links oben

Dear User,

we want to draw your attention to the updated manuals of LAWIS. You can easily find them on the LAWIS homepage by clicking on the book icon in the upper left corner.


SnowSafe App Update!

SnowSafe Yeti
SnowSafe Yeti

Dear User,

the new SnowSafe App is available and offers a lot of new features!

The App provides you with a professional mountain weather report for the whole region of the Alps, including also local avalanche warning bulletins. Up-to-date information about weather and snow conditions are available for all the known as well as 4 new regions (Norway, Czech Republich, Slovenia and Veneto). The new bulletin-archive enables you to get a quick overview of the development during the previous 7 days. If there is a change of avalanche danger level in your region, you will be informed by push-notification.

Pictures, taken during a trip, are easily sent to the local avalanche warning service, providing an important contribution to the assessment of the local conditions.

The new App is available for Android as well as iOS. You can find it here.

We wish you a lot of fun checking it out and an accident-free winter!


LAWIS Update!

Screenshot von der LAWIS Wetterstationsseite
Screenshot von der LAWIS Wetterstationsseite

Dear User,

LAWIS has been updated and provides a couple of useful, new features.

The most important: From now on you can edit your snow profil up to 24h after the upload. Via a link send to your e-mail you can easily correct mistakes and improve your input. Additionally it is now possible to export the profiles as PDF.

Futhermore, the input mask for stability test has been updated. You will find the options for stability test results slightly changed and simplyfied. The list of avalanche events has been extended by an additional column, presenting information about involved persons. And the selectable regions are now structured according to countries.

Beside these superficial improvements a lot of work has been done to improve the internal workflow also in future.

Give it a try!


Winter 2016/17 - again new weather stations!

Aufbau der Windstation Breiter Grieskogel
Aufbau der Windstation Breiter Grieskogel

Dear User,

during summer 2016 we have been expanding our observational network. New stations have been set up at the sites: Sölden: Sonnbergalm|Zirmkogel, Neustift im Stubaital: Elferspitze, Zams: Silberspitze and Längenfeld: Breiter Grieskogel. In addition to the available snow station, a wind measurement station has been set up at the location of Höfen: Hahnenkamm.

You can find the data in LAWIS.


180 Weather Stations for Tirol in LAWIS

LAWIS Wetterstationen
Screenshot von der LAWIS Wetterstationsseite

Dear LAWIS User,

now 180 weather stations are available for Tirol in LAWIS. You can find information about snowheight, temperature and wind condition for different locations in Tirol. Click here to go to the weather stations in LAWIS.


Lawine Tirol App

App Lawine Tirol

Update now!

In the new year our App got a new user interface. It is now easier to find the information you are looking for. The startscreen gives an overview over the available information as well as the tools.

Additionally detailed descriptions of the avalanche problems and danger patterns were added, together with an avalanche glossary.

If you do not already have the App, you can get it here.


Daily avalanche bulletin

Bild vom Lagebericht

Dear user,

we started the daily avalanche bulletin on January the 5th. You can find the regional danger levels every day at 7:30 AM on our homepage.

We wish you an accident-free winter!


New internet address:

Dear user,

we have now an additional internet address where you can find all information of the Avalanche Warning Service:

The old address stays active, the new one is just shorter.

We wish you an accident-free winter!




Dear LAWIS user (future LAWIS Mobil user)!

Now a mobile version of LAWIS is available. You can find it at

You can now access all incidents, snow profiles and weather stations from abroad. The application is adapted to work also in regions with low internet reception.

Manuals for LAWIS Mobil can be found here.


New LAWIS manuals

LAWIS manuals

Dear LAWIS user,

on the LAWIS homepage you can find updated manuals for weather stations, the SnoProfiler and incidents. They can be found by a click on the open-book symbol in the upper left corner of LAWIS (see the picture on the left site). If you want to go directly to the manuals, click here.


Newsletter in English

Anmeldung Newsletter Englisch
Screenshot von der Newsletter Anmeldeseite

Dear user,

this season we offer the newsletter also in English. That's the best way to be up to date about the avalanche situation in Tyrol.

You can sign up here!


Videos about danger patterns

danger patterns video

Dear user,

each of the 10 danger patterns is now explained in a short video available on our website. The videos are about 1:30 min and show examples and animations.

Have fun watching!


The 5 avalanche problems

Die 5 Lawinenprobleme
Lawinenprobleme Logos

Dear user,

we recently added explanations of the 5 avalanche problems to our website. Each of the problems is described in detail and connections to possible danger patterns are made, where you can find even more background knowledge.