Avalanche Bulletin Wednesday, 22.02.2017, at 07:30





danger spots

drifting snow

drifting snow

danger spots above 2000m problem 1 aspects

fresh, small

wet snow

wet snow

danger spots below 2000m problem 2 aspects

rainfall, warmth

General Level







R1 Arlberg Außerfern
R2 Westliche Nordalpen
R3 Östliche Nordalpen
R4 Silvretta - Samnaun
R5 Nördl. Ötztaler & Stubaier Alpen
R6 Tuxer Alpen
R7 Kitzbüheler Alpen
R8 Südl. Ötztaler & Stubaier Alpen
R9   Zillertaler Alpen
R10 Osttiroler Tauern
R11 Zentral-Osttirol
R12 Südliches Osttirol
very high
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WHY? - danger patterns (dp):

dp.6 - loose snow and wind
dp.3 - rain
dp.1 - deep persistent weak layer

Avalanche danger predominantly moderate, regionally considerable

Avalanche Danger

Avalanche danger in Tirol’s backcountry touring regions is mostly moderate, but from region to region considerable. The main peril stems from freshly formed snowdrift accumulations. They are small, but quite prone to triggering. Avalanche prone locations are found on steep, shady slopes above 2000m, west-to-east facing, as well as in general in ridgeline terrain in all aspects. Caution: the strong to stormy westerly winds will bring about ever more drifts during the course of the day. Below about 2000m the snowpack has become thoroughly wet and forfeited its firmness; naturally triggered moist loose-snow avalanches can be expected.

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Snow Layering

In the last 24 hours above 2000m there has been new snow registered: 20-30 cm in Arlberg/Ausserfern, Northern Alps, Kitzbühel Alps and Tux Alps; 5-10 cm inneralpine and along the Main Alpine Ridge. The NW winds at high altitude were strong-to-stormy, thereby forming new snowdrift accumulations. These are inadequately bonded with the old snowpack surface, making them quite prone to triggering. Below about 2000m the snowpack has become thoroughly wet due to rainfall and mild temperatures, thus losing its firmness.

Alpine Weather Forecast (ZAMG-Weather Service Innsbruck)

Weather: a compact westerly air current is pushing mild air masses to Tirol today and tomorrow. On Friday a cold front will make temperatures plummet. Mountain weather today: residual clouds will disperse, the sun will come out, but it will be quite windy in exposed terrain. A few clouds above summit altitude will persist. Temperature at 2000m: +3 degrees; at 3000m: -5 degrees. Strong-to-stormy westerly winds at high altitude.

Short Term Development

Mostly moderate danger

[Author: Rudi Mair]

[Translated by Jeffrey McCabe]